mandag 26. juli 2010

A million thanks to you

Two people I highly admire and I cannot see how I could have
reached a certain amount of clarity in my field of interest ( I am not claiming to know much....just some basic important things ) without their inputs are:
Stefan Forsman 
Sepp Holzer

Both their teachings are extremely necessary and important and
What they principally do is very simple and makes them
messengers of knowledge that moves
the most important knowledge that I can think of

Stefan Forsman
(true master of communication with animals without bragging or making a show out of it.
He would have made a lot more money if he did but he's not in it for that and he is not the "guru-type-guy").
His results speaks volumes and really his work don't need comments- the best thing is to carefully observe him working and hearing him talk.
I can't make you decide on attending one of his brilliant clinics but
I can guarantee that if you do
it will be of great, great value for your own
individual path- no matter on what level or on the amount of experience
you have. He will not try to change anyone. He wants to exchange and communicate knowledge.  He will listen to everyone with an open but critical mind and he puts his students first- he wants people to learn by doing not by him performing "tricks" with the animals for to be admired.
I hope you will attend one of Stefan's great clinics.

The topics that he deals with are:
1. survival and wilderness in different climates including Arctic,
2. Real Life self- defense which means it is based upon understanding your own    and others psychological patterns but also includes simple and extremely powerful physical techniques
3. communication with animals (mainly horses and dogs but absolutely  not limited to those species) on a highly precise level and with joy, ease and efficiency as the main focus. These teachings are highly relevant to life in general-
Professional or not.
I am sure you will find it very much worth the while to attend a clinic with him
and probably life changing towards more clarity.
You will surely go to more then one when you understand the importance of
learning from his experience.

Sepp Holzer (true master of cultivating constructive relationships between nature and man)
His book "The Rebel Farmer" is one of my absolute favorites.

There is a reason why I never use the term Natural Horsemanship and the same reasoning
is behind my decision of not using the term ecological agriculture when describing the profession I love. Permaculture is also- in my opinion a confusing term.

I think all to many people find it important to be “at the peak of knowledge” or at
a peak of “progression of civilization”- whatever that means if anyone tries defining something so abstract. What about looking back? What about honoring roots and
what about listening to old people?
What is respect?
What is culture?

Sorry....I'm rambling through some thoughts.....

Stefan who works with animals and Holzer who works with nature

(they both work with nature and animals but I claim that they have perfected different areas. They don't need each others inputs but I would sure love for them to meet and have a chat or two )

are individual beings in the truest sense of the word. Both are doing extremely important actions within their professions - in many ways completely and boldly turning them around - in spite of massive sabotage from a lot of people who also practice within their fields. Yet their results speak for themselves. Why do people not celebrate this? What is this strange thing in the human mentality that often makes us either deny even what we can clearly see with our own eyes
or get aggressive towards things we don't want to understand?
I think we should use the term Horsemanship about the profession dealing with horses and the term agriculture or farming as a way to describe the cultivated relation between plants, animals and man
There are already to many confusing words that we do not need
and language is very important

I'd like to embrace the old terms that are relevant to describe our world
Not because I only want to preserve but because I don't see change for change's sake
as something necessarily beneficial.  
I don't have to be a hater of whats new to embrace the old and see that the
basics of life are still the same as before my time.

The following youtube playlist entitled Stefan Forsman has many videoes
that hopefully will get you curious and make you attend a clinic with him: